What I Offer

identity therapy

Trauma Therapy, Iopt - Identity - Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy and  - Theory. Which in short is a theory and therapy that focuses on the development of our identity and how that can be disturbed and fractured during our life, but especially during our first time of life - in the womb, during birth and the first years.

The therapy aims to reconnect our body and psyche , to reconnect with our I/self and discover our own identity.

This requires that we acknowledge our trauma survival strategies and are able to step out of the stress they accumulates in order to keep the trauma feelings out of reach of our consciousness. Then we help our healthy parts to grow and become more and more present in our lives.

This is done by the Method  of Intention, which is facilitated both in groups and in individual sessions.


Iopt, is based on Prof. Dr. Franz Rupperts' continuous research and work at the "Hochschule für angewante Wissenschaffen" in Munich, and his more than 25-year practice with clients both in psychiatry and in his own private practice .


I offer regular groups over time, single days of open groups, individual therapy, supervision both in groups and individual, lectures and open demonstrations / introduction to the work.


All participation in groups count as part of the education level 1 at the Institute for Traumawork (IT)